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Who is craig mabbitt currently dating

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When people say they don’t care about love, that’s so sad…If you’re meant to be with someone, they will find you.

And with Craig, we both kinda knew we would find each other.

Escape the Fate's bassist Max Green may have some trouble thrown at his way because of the loss of their singer, Ronnie Radke. She would love to come though, its just shes from Chicago, so every chicago show, we meet up and stuff, shes been there for us as much as she can its amazing" Q:"Would you consider this a 'relationship'?

Not only has this torn the band appart it also angered Max to the point where he refuses to be interviewed by any press about Ronnie Radke's depature of the band. In an interview Max was asked "If you have a girlfriend... (he laughs) they have a brother/sister relationship, its raw as hell" Q:"Does MEA accompany you at concerts? Shes been with us for only like (he thinks) 3 shows? " A:"only if you count long distance (he laughs) I mean, yeah..

"Ronnie Radke has called out Craig Mabbitt on Twitter, dropping a bombshell round of tweets bragging about Falling In Reverse ticket sales and bashing Escape The Fate as an “opening band.” Read the tweets below craig doesn't think for himself that's why he can't reply. Ronnie you're amazing I love you and keep it up Finding this off of curiousity of what has happened between them, honestly I can't pick a side.

But when you consider the backstabbings, having Craig talk shit about him on stage while playing in his band and while he's in jail and unable to defend himself, then suddenly stopping once he does finally get back out?

We sat down with Max Green through stickam, and got these responses. " A:"I've known her for a long time, but we never really made it official. She loves Craig, and Craig is thrilled about her too.

It seemed obvious to everyone that we're dating, and as time past I guess we didn't realize we weren't... There is no official date, sorry guys" Q:"Does she keep contact with Ronnie Radke? I wish she wouldn't but that is who introduced us, I cant blame her.

I started off listening to ETF with Ronnie and decided to give Craig a try... Why can't they leave each other alone and focus on their bands.

Ronnie uses his lyrics to insult them, while I see Escape the Fate being more successful in the long run due to them keeping their fight seperate from everything else. You go to a ETF concert and people enjoy the music and being there. I've considered both sides, and, for me, Ronnie wins every time.