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point to point wiring Power 45 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohms Comments This was an all-new design although features and tube compliment were same as the YBA-1.

From the Traynor web site: Approximate Serial Number 70000 to 719000s = 1968 to 1970 006#### to 306#### Years Made 1968 - 1973 Amplifier Type All tube head.

[An example is an] YBA-1A Bass Master Mark II [...] with the serial number M 601 [...] [whose] potentiometers date from 1968 [...] [and on which] 'Range Expander' is screened below the controls, not above.

are coded as follows s/n: 1020629 First digit: Last digit of year of production (1 ^= 1971, 3 ^= 1973) Second and third digit: Month of production (01 ^= Jan., 11^=Nov.) Last four digits: Numbered unit produced within that year?

These Rodney Dangerfields of the amp world are much maligned, roundly ridiculed, and generally regarded as children's toys or cheap practice implements by the guitar playing community at large.

This, despite the fact that solid-state amps have played integral roles in many classic records, and have been the main amp of more than a few highly regarded players.

The circuit in [that amps] is built on a phenolic turret board instead of the Fender style fibre board used [later.] [...] it appears that Traynor/Yorkville used three digit serial numbers up until 1968.

In 1963 Traynor amps were designed by Peter Traynor, a music shop (Long & Mc Quade) repairman who had been customizing amplifiers as a way to save costs for the business.

Through experimentation and experience, Traynor developed a bass guitar amplifier that he called the Traynor Dynabass.

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Dating a Marshall amplifier can be a daunting task for even the most savvy of suitors — Amp Archives is here to help.