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Avira has error occur updating

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If successful, then you could look closer at some of the settings under your login...Hi Kim, I've provided links below with instructions on how to create a new user account in Windows: For Windows 7 and 8 (use the dropdown menu to specify). It will be good to get a proper resolution soon though as I don't really like switching the protection off even for a short time. Jane :-)You shouldn't have to disable protection more than once, but I understand your concern; the issue shouldn't occur again because Avira will recognize you restored the file and not quarantine it again :).

Regarding updates, I schedule my updates at a certain time and the program updates right on the scheduled time with no problems so far.

The program installer has no option to block this from happening.

You can block the installation in Chrome however as you will be prompted when that happens.

But....keep avast close at hand if there is or will be........ You mean Avira's scheduler gives you the option to update it automatically more than once a day, you have the free version? Because i have XP Pro and the Windows scheduler doesn't let me to schedule a task more frequent than once a day, or am i wrong. Edit: I have Antivir 9 free and i am able to update it manually several times a day for the last 7-8 months. It is a little tricky, it doesn't give you the "hourly" option at first, when you set a new task.

You then go to advanced settings and check repeat task, great!